Casting Call #1

On 9/18/16, the Details team convened to hold our first casting session. If you’ve been following our progress, you know this is a big step in getting the next pieces into place. Getting any production started is always a great effort, so we are glad to have reached this point so far.


Producer Eddie Diaz kept things running smoothly, performing with the actors. Director Sally Lomidze worked with the actors to elicit the performances that would set them apart from one another. Executive Producer Xavier Santiago manned the camera, capturing every little nuance on digital. Me? I’m here telling you all about the day’s endeavor.


Below you’ll find a link to some of the video I captured during the session. Pardon us if we don’t share TOO much, but we want to keep the story fresh for YOU. Speaking of which, we would love to hear from you. Questions or comments? Click HERE to be heard!

There will be much more in the coming days and weeks, so stay tuned.

*Click here for video of Casting Call #1*



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