Tech Scout

Today was ugly. Rainy. Unforgiving. So it was a perfect day for a Tech Scout!

For the unitiated, the Technical Scout (aka Tech Scout) is an organized visit by department heads with the Director, Director of Photography, Production Manager and Production Designer to each location being used in the film. The visit takes place before the start of principal photography in order for each person to understand their work and needs. Knowing your role and how the space you are working in/designing for is extremely important so as to minimize delays to the production.


Keeping that in mind, the production team convened at a hotel in the Lower East Side of Manhattan where we will be filming. Discussion ranged from lighting and camera set-ups to the storyboards drawn up by Director Sally Lomizde and minor revisions to the script if the space wouldn’t allow for certain actions/movement.



Taking in the first space, a lounge area, the main discussion was about how to turn it into the bar/lounge that was envisioned in the script. It’s not just the actors’ performances that will sell the scene but the layout and geography of the room communicated to you by the Director and Director of Photography and Production Designer. We want YOU to feel the space and the energy that it gives off. Environment is key.


The team eventually moved upstairs to the hotel room that we would be using for our shoot. Director and Director of Photography immediately peeled off to frame scenes and discuss ways to harness and dampen the light int he room. Furthermore, a wonderful discovery in regards to a feature of the hotel room added a fantastic element to the opening shots of the film. It was a minor discovery that, while not essential to the films production, adds a subtle visual flourish to a scene that otherwise would not have had one.


I could go on forever about the day, but I’ll let you get an idea about it all through pictures and video. To check out some footage for the day, click HERE. To see more from today’s adventure, just click on the thumbnails below.

One thought on “Tech Scout

  1. Fernando Carrion says:

    It’s amazing what it takes to put together a short film. To see the collaboration between Director, Director of Photography and producer is wonderful to see. I eagerly look forward to reading the “behind the scenes” in the near future.


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