Details” explores one woman’s trauma growing up in a broken home and how these painful memories influence her decisions in adulthood. This film aims to bring awareness to the lasting damage troubled marriages and child abandonment can have on young children. In addition, it shines a light on male victims of domestic abuse. 

The film considers the question of how a child can move forward from this trauma. In the hotel, Amelia (the protagonist) displays signs of repeating the abuse that left her scarred. Has Amelia fallen into a generational trap or has she devised a personal system for her own self-healing? We leave it to the audience to discover for themselves.

Sally Lomidze (Director)

Sally Lomidze is the Emmy-nominated director for “Brooklyn’s Best,” a popular web-based reality competition series. She graduated from Brooklyn College with an MFA in TV production and has worked as both a Director and a Director of Photography on commercials, short films, music videos and reality TV.

Eddie S. Diaz (Producer)

Eddie S. Diaz is an award-winning Creative Producer who has spearheaded various independent narrative projects (features, shorts, & series). He is also a freelance Video Producer. Eddie graduated from New York University with a BS in Media, Culture, and Communications and completed the 1-year Conservatory Producing Program at the New York Film Academy.

Xavier A. Santiago (Executive Producer)

Xavier A. Santiago is an award winning producer, actor, director and writer based between New York City and London, United Kingdom. His company, Saint Productions has produced commercials, documentaries, films, in addition to serving as a consultant for other projects, including long and short form television productions.  

Ricardo Carrión (Screenwriter)

Ricardo Carrión is a writer and director of original and adapted short films. For the majority of his career, Ricardo has worked in Nonprofit and Social Services, focusing on helping underserved communities. Details is his most personal work to date.