In the process of filmmaking, the average film-goer knows the principal responsibilities involved in putting together a feature length or short film. The Actors and Director are readily mentioned and the Writer not long after. If you are an avid cinephile, you would no doubt acknowledge the work of the Cinematographer/Director of Photography. But what … Continue reading

The Cast

You've heard plenty from the production team. You've seen us toiling away, doing the work to get the project ready for what YOU are going to see on-screen. But today you get to meet the talented performers that will be breathing life into the characters of 'Details'. To meet the cast, just click HERE.

Tech Scout

Today was ugly. Rainy. Unforgiving. So it was a perfect day for a Tech Scout! For the unitiated, the Technical Scout (aka Tech Scout) is an organized visit by department heads with the Director, Director of Photography, Production Manager and Production Designer to each location being used in the film. The visit takes place before … Continue reading Tech Scout


An embarrassment of riches. That's what we've had to deal with the last few weeks. We have been inundated with inquiries from actors hoping to audition  for 'Details'. There have been some amazing people we've been able to meet in person and some that we've only been able to see via taped auditions. Most of … Continue reading Callbacks!